A paragraph from the book!

Hi Friends,

Here’s a paragraph from Chapter 1: Curiosity – Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk? to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy it!

"One day while enjoying a cup of cool chocolate milk, toddler Vivaan asked, “Do brown cows make chocolate milk?” We looked at one another, smiled, and responded with our classic line “What a great question! What do you think?” What followed was a discussion about mammals, including cows, which produce most of the milk we drink, and how some animals make milk while others don’t. He then asked his wizened old brother, six at the time, and Sarang said “I think it’s a mixture of plain milk and chocolate.” Moments later, the brothers were in the kitchen experimenting with mixing milk and chocolate syrup, and sure enough, they soon had chocolate milk! Although lots of amazing learning had just happened, the thirst for knowledge was far from quenched."

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