Thank you so much for visiting our website. So many of you asked us to write about our experiences and at long last, we have! Writing Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk? Family Experiences Around Child-Led Learning has truly been a labor of love for our family. We’re a rather unique family of four of Indian descent living in Washington, in the United States. This book will largely be in the collective voice of life partners Siva #DadLife, Aarti #MomLife and our two boys, Sarang #BigBro, and Vivaan #LilBro. This book can be broadly classified as a parenting book, highlighting child-led learning and intentional parenting. We hope that you and your loved ones can read and reflect on our stories together. In every chapter, all four of us offer our reflections and we think these reflections will be great conversation starters.

Our story is a bit unique. Both Siva and Aarti grew up in loving households, finished schooling and college very young, married young, and started a family young. Siva retired after a decade of classroom teaching at a prestigious independent school in Seattle at the age of 29 to homeschool the boys and do educational consulting part time. Siva’s heart was at home. Aarti’s roles have spanned engineering, supply chain, finance, and being Mom tops that list. Our boys Sarang and Vivaan love chess, music, and travel, and all three will be themes that recur frequently in the book. While we’ve chosen a path of highly intentional parenting where at least one of us is always home with our boys, our hope is that this book will provide useful insights for you, whatever your situation might be.

Every chapter is rooted in stories from our experiences and our reflections on them, filled with ideas we’ve found useful that might be fun for you to try as well. Enter your email to subscribe to our website and receive periodic updates including being the first to know exactly when the book launches. The book is nearly written and we’re currently navigating the exciting publication process filled with editing, layout work, art, and more. Our hope is Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk? Family Experiences Around Child-Led Learning will be available on digital ebook as well as print paperback in the third quarter of 2023. Cheers!