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We hope you’ve had a lovely May thus far. A lot of life has happened this past month. The boys experienced the wonder of Washington DC for the first time and learned a lot. They played well, had a blast, and made many memories and friendships at the Elementary National Chess Championships. They also faced significant challenges, both mentally and physically, most recently a significant asthma attack, the likes of which #9Life hasn’t seen since the big one in the fall. Difficult as these experiences are, they help us grow, they help us develop resilience, and they help us prepare for future struggles and challenges. Below you will find a few excerpts from our chapter on Resilience, from that fall asthma attack, one of the scariest moments in our lifetimes.

"His oxygen was low. Dangerously low…

As I carried him to the car, through his gasps, he said: "Dad I can’t breathe. Am I going to die?"

At that moment, time stopped…

This was not the moment to talk about what might be and what might not. This was not a question from a kid seeking rational conversation. This was a kid, a brilliant kid, who was fully aware that his ox levels were dangerously low, knew he felt a way he’d never felt before, and knew that if he did in fact stop breathing, he could die. He also knew this was a moment he had to fight, and he needed support…

"Just breathe baby. Everything’s going to be ok. Don’t think or worry about anything. Just breathe… I believe in you and I know you can do this."

In that instant our eyes met and he nodded, giving me this look of "Dad, I got this," and while I had absolutely no idea if everything was going to be ok, I knew that the conversation we just had was exactly what needed to happen in that moment."

We’ll leave it there for now. This chapter was one of the hardest for us to write as it forced us to relive and re-experience one of the most traumatic times in our lives. That said, we found the experience of reflection and writing deeply healing and in many ways prepared us even more emotionally for take two, which we’re navigating now, with a little less fear, a little more confidence, and dare I say even a comfort and joy in the knowledge that everything will be ok.


The Sankrithi Family

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