The Book Is Out!

Hi Friends, As promised, Q3 2023 is still here and THE BOOK IS OUT! Get your paperback ($18) and ebook ($9) here: Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk?: Family Experiences Around Child-Led Learning: Sankrithi, Siva, Sankrithi, Aarti, Sankrithi, Sarang, Sankrithi, Vivaan: 9798861158794: Books Cheers! The Sankrithi Family

Great Questions

Hi Friends, How is it already mid-August? This summer is truly flying by and we’re enjoying lots of family time, chess, music, tennis, swimming, and travel. Now I’m sure the question you’re all asking is when will you be able to get your ebook or paperback. We’re nearly there and working through logistical details with… Continue reading Great Questions


Hi Friends, Just like that it’s July! It’s getting hot out there. We’ve seen our first ninety-degree temps of the summer and are doing our best to keep cool. Several of you have asked for a progress report on the book. Things are coming along super well. The copyediting and layout work for all the… Continue reading Reflection

Seasons Changing

Hi Friends, How is it already mid-June? We hope you’re all enjoying this transition time from spring to summer. Though we homeschool, the end of the traditional school year is very busy for us as well, with numerous activities coming to an end for the season. By our count, we had seven musical performances in… Continue reading Seasons Changing


Hi Friends, We hope you’ve had a lovely May thus far. A lot of life has happened this past month. The boys experienced the wonder of Washington DC for the first time and learned a lot. They played well, had a blast, and made many memories and friendships at the Elementary National Chess Championships. They… Continue reading Breathe

The Power of Chess

Hi Friends, We hope you’ve had a lovely last month. Things have been busy in wonderful ways here with lots of music performances and chess tournaments this spring season, along with continued editing of our book. One of the pillars of our homeschooling lives has been chess. This past weekend, both boys competed in the… Continue reading The Power of Chess

What’s the Cost?

Hi Friends, We wanted to share a feature of our book that we felt was very important. As you know, we’re a homeschooling family focused on intentional parenting and child-led learning. We get that everyone is coming to this book from a different place, and we love that. After each story-filled chapter, we’ll include a… Continue reading What’s the Cost?

A paragraph from the book!

Hi Friends, Here’s a paragraph from Chapter 1: Curiosity – Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk? to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy it! "One day while enjoying a cup of cool chocolate milk, toddler Vivaan asked, “Do brown cows make chocolate milk?” We looked at one another, smiled, and responded with our classic line… Continue reading A paragraph from the book!

Launching Website Today!

Hello Friends! Today, 3/22/23, is a big day! Besides being a palindrome, we’re launching this website,, on our socials (Siva’s Facebook and Aarti’s LinkedIn)! Hopefully if you’re reading this message, you’re also looking at the awesome testimonials thus far, reading about us and what this process means for us, and have entered your email address to sign up for updates (which… Continue reading Launching Website Today!

First Blog Post

Hi Friends, Siva here! I’m trying my first blog post on our new site to promote our new book: Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk? Family Experiences Around Child-Led Learning. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying ideating and writing together as a family these last several months and the actual writing is nearly complete! Now we’re… Continue reading First Blog Post