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Hi Friends,

How is it already mid-August? This summer is truly flying by and we’re enjoying lots of family time, chess, music, tennis, swimming, and travel. Now I’m sure the question you’re all asking is when will you be able to get your ebook or paperback. We’re nearly there and working through logistical details with Amazon. Our hope is still to have the book in your hands by the end of September, honoring our Q3 2023 initial plan. Get excited!

In the spirit of sharing great questions to help us reflect and grow, we wanted to share one that the boys were asked this morning.

"If you could experience living 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future, which would you choose and why?"

Their answers were astounding and beautifully spoke to their personalities and depth of learning.

Vivaan: "I would experience living 100 years in the past because I don’t remember it, want to learn more about it, and want to create and experience the future as it comes."

Sarang: "I would experience living 100 years in the future because I’ll know what’s coming and be able to anticipate and prepare for it."

How would you answer the question?

Hopefully in the next post, we will share links to order your copy of our book via Amazon, either ebook or paperback!


The Sankrithi Family

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