A unique family that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years

The Sankrithis – Aarti, Siva, Sarang, and Vivaan – are like a second family to me. From the moment that I set foot in their home each week for chess lessons with their two wonderful boys, Sarang and Vivaan, I’m always greeted by smiling family members and welcomed with a hot cup of chai. I’m lucky if I manage to make it through the chess game unscathed, as both Sarang and Vivaan are two of my most dedicated and fast-improving students. Win or lose, the boys always take a moment to chat and reflect with their opponent after the game and are truly compassionate competitors, something quite unique this day in age. Sarang and Vivaan exhibit a genuine love for learning that is quite uncommon for kids their age. Their parents Aarti and Siva no doubt have played a key role in this, but the boys are also self-directed and motivated from within to pursue their hobbies and passions.
In talking with the Sankrithis, you can tell that they have a wide variety of interests not just limited to chess, music, math, and puzzles. Each of them is working collaboratively to make the world a better place, but in their own way. The Sankrithis spread joy and happiness wherever they go and effortlessly raise the mood of everyone with whom they cross paths. After a visit to the Sankrithi household, you’ll leave feeling inspired and energized after spending time with these amazing human beings.

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