A gift for genuine connection

All these years after I met him, I cannot refer to Mr. Sankrithi by his first name. Maybe that’s because of my age and cultural background (I was born in Puerto Rico in 1962). Maybe it’s because of the respect I have for him. Maybe it’s for all those reasons. Mr. Sankrithi taught my daughter math in high school. At his back-to-school-night presentation the first year she was in class with him, I was immediately struck by his genuine passion and obvious gift for teaching young people. At a one-on-one meeting with him later that fall, during a challenging time for our family, I understood firsthand that he truly “walked the talk” of supporting and encouraging his students. Throughout the semester and the rest of the school year, it became apparent to me why he was a legendary teacher at the school. He truly had a gift for connecting with his students, for helping them stay in touch with how rewarding–and yes, fun–math was as they got better at asking the questions that would best help them navigate their way themselves out of difficulties. I am grateful to this day that my daughter’s path crossed Mr. Sankrithi’s when it did. To this day, he remains a mentor and friend to her, now with the added richness of his wife and their two sons. This is a family that truly and authentically approaches life with delight, enthusiasm, and curiosity for all the wondrous opportunities we are all afforded every day to learn and grow and discover. I look forward to learning and growing and discovering alongside the Sankrithi family.

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